Vídeo referente ao trabalho da Ana Castro:

Family Portraits_[InterculturalShots_ProjectByINCA]

Family interculturalism/multiculturalism are three terms that are still changing for us - still a work in progress.
five people from different cultural enviroments set on bench in St.Martins square and created seven families.
can we bring them toghether only when they're in front of the camera or wiull it last after stop recording?

This project has been funded by EU and European Youth Foundation.
Special thanks to Hardish Virk, Shaida/Ulfaharts, trevor, Young Discepols, Martin Watson, The Rainbow.

Partners Organizations:

INCA Italy
INCA Cataluna
INCA Germany
Puzzle (Portugal)
Bergsjöns Kultur & Mediaverkstad (Sweden)
Austeja and friends (Lithuania)


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