Vídeo referente ao trabalho de Noemi Ferreira:

This is my paradise_[InterculturalShots_ProjectByINCA]

How is relationships between the different communities in the street of birmingham?
what is the good and the bad thinghs with mixing different cultures? by interviews we have discovering " the truth" of the relation between communities, cultural mixture and the problems. what we also discovered is that the immigrants are somehow happy. they generally feel themselves like "home". some are afraid to the truth but some people are really honest. but at the end they are all living togheter.
...that is they paradise!!!

The project has been funded by EU and European Youth Foundation.
Special thanks to Hardish Virk, Shaida/Ulfaharts, trevor, Young Discepols, Martin Watson, The Rainbow.

Partners Organizations:

INCA Italy
INCA Cataluna
INCA Germany
Puzzle (Portugal)
Bergsjöns Kultur & Mediaverkstad (Sweden)
Austeja and friends (Lithuania)

Produced By INCA UK


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